Thursday, June 3, 2010

It's My Birthday!

Today I am 53 years old. I don't remember getting all the way to 53!

It seems only yesterday that I was at my Nana and Papa's house catching fireflies, or taking Sunday drives with my mom and daddy, seeing Steve the very first time, my wedding, the eyes and smiles ~ very lives of my babies, my son in law asking permission to marry our daughter, ... many, many memories!

I have received so many seen and unseen blessings that it overwhelms me! Today as I read the facebook 'happy birthday' messages I could hardly contain myself. Family and friends~ some from long ago ~some that are new ~and countless young adults who have come into my life and mean so very, very much to me.

I know that if God took His hand of grace from me this minute, that I would still praise Him everyday if for nothing else but the people He has put in my path. I love Him so much for knowing me so well and for bringing so many wonderful people to me.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Memorial Day

Did you know that Memorial Day began in 1868? It was started by General John Logan. It began as a time to decorate the graves of Civil War veterans. ( I do love a Confederate!) It has evolved into a time to commemorate all the deceased.

My daddy died of lung cancer 17 years ago and my mom had COPD and died 8 years ago. I was so lucky because she was living with us at the time; and that made her very happy. She just wanted to be a part of our daily lives. She loved watching Laura 'breeze' in and out and Emily's visits from school. Missing my parents is as constant for me as eating and breathing.

I'm an only child and obviously they were an integral part of my life. Their passing has made a void in my life that no one else can ever fill. Yet, I am so honored to have been placed by God into their lives. (Doesn't He just know everything?) I was raised in a Godly home by Godly parents; I have increasingly become aware of the rarity of this lifestyle. From them I learned how to love. I also learned from them how to love others. How to serve. And how to give. Their lives are my legacy. Thanks Momma and Daddy! And thank you God for your divine providence.

My daddy was a career military man. I was always so proud of him. If I stop for a second I can still smell his uniform. I can feel the wool of his dress blues. I remember a skirt and weskett (vest) that my mom made for me out of one of his old set of blues! With a crisp white blouse! I can close my eyes and remember getting the news that his ship was docking and the rush to get there. All the preparations for his 'coming home'! Mom would clean the house - spick and span. She would wash the car. We would get all dressed up! Momma with her signature Revlon Red lipstick (Daddy always loved Momma in lipstick). Awww, the excitement of seeing him again after a 'cruise'.

As I get older, I am getting ready for the ship to dock (to see them again). I am keeping my house (my life) spick and span, I am washing my car (guiding my family), I am getting dressed up (staying the course with my Lord and Savior) and so excited to meet the ship (see their loving faces in heaven).

I can't wait to see them again!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

My Very First Post

Laura, my youngest daughter has texted me to write my first blog today! So here goes...She caught me in the act of looking for hotels/condos that we might be able to 'run away' to for a few days when her schedule allows! I love hotels that are pet friendly, while also being fresh and clean. For some unknown reason, many hotels who are pet friendly, seem to equate us 'pet lovers' with smokers, less than clean rooms: dingy linens: and back around the corner kinds of people! I find that to be insulting and the very opposite. I believe that people who travel with their pets are normally, older, have more $ power, have very well behaved pets, and are quite respectful people. Many hotels we've found that allow pets are hotels near the airports or unsavory places in cities. One hotel we used to stay at in Panama City has stopped the availabilty of pet friendly rooms because the pets are not allowed on the beach. Well, my fat doxie doesn't want to go to the beach, she doesn't want to leave the air conditioned room to get yuky sand between her precious toes! She just wants to be with Momma! I'm ok with good reasons, but stupid reasons are unacceptable! We used to stay in a nice hotel that had tile floor in the pet friendly rooms, and they were on the ends of the hotel but that was because it was where the dog walk was. I loved going there ...but the last time we visited there, they had instituted an No Pet policy; because of the no pets allowed on the beach law. Well, I instituted a "The Browns will not stay here again, pet or no pet, policy." If the hotel management would wake up and notice the average income of pet owners and how they spend that income (ie the market analysis of Petsmart, Petco, etc.) they would be smart to cater to pet owners - example Drury Inns. All of the Drurys are pet friendly, and they have to die for pillows. The trouble is that there aren't any Drury Inns on the beach; that I know of anyway. But if I owned a hotel, I would be pet friendly! Cause when Megaphone is happy, Momma's happy!